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The dfs.replication value for MapReduce jobs is displayed incorrectly on the IBM InfoSphere BigInsights Console.

Technote (troubleshooting)


The dfs.replication value for MapReduce jobs is displayed incorrectly.


The dfs.replication value for MapReduce jobs displayed on the BigInsights Console is incorrect.

You can examine MapReduce job configurations on the BigInsights Console using these steps:

1. Click the Application Status tab and select the Jobs tab.

2. Select a MapReduce job in the table, and then click the Job Configuration button.

3. The InfoSphere BigInsights Console displays all of the MapReduce job configurations in a dialog. The displayed value of "dfs.replication" is incorrect.


The wrong value is caused by the parser that parses the MapReduce job configuration file.

Resolving the problem

You can access the Hadoop JobTracker web page by using the reverse proxy of the InfoSphere BigInsights Console. On the Hadoop JobTracker web page, navigate to the list of MapReduce jobs. Examine the job configuration values, including the correct "dfs.replication" value.

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Modified date: 24 May 2013