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After upgrading to Rational DOORS 9.5.1, collaboration links that were created in previous versions might not appear

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After you upgrade to IBM Rational DOORS version 9.5.1, collaboration links that were created in previous versions of the Rational DOORS client might not be displayed in the upgraded client. These collaboration links are from OSLC-based applications, such as IBM Rational Rhapsody Design Management and IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation. Links are displayed in the Rational DOORS client by using the link discovery process. After new links are created in the Rational DOORS version 9.5.1 client, link discovery is not successful. New and previous collaboration links are not displayed.


The first time you open a module in a Rational DOORS 9.5.1 client session, the authentication dialog box for the integrated application server is displayed and the links are discovered. If you close and reopen the module, the links are not discovered until you log out and log in again.

This problem does not occur if one of the following actions is performed:
- Connect to a new Rational DOORS database and create new collaboration links. In this case, there are no previous links.
- View links in a module in Rational DOORS Web Access.
- Remove and add all collaboration link types in the Remote Services interface. See "Resolving the problem" below.


Empty OSLC version values for service providers are stored in the 9.5.0 database configuration. These values prevent the completion of the link discovery process in the 9.5.1 client.


The issue is reproducible after upgrading from Rational DOORS and integrated applications to the following versions:

Rational DOORS version
Rational DOORS Web Access version
Rational DOORS Next Generation version 4.0.3
Jazz Team Server version 4.0.3:
    Change and Configuration Management
    Quality Management
    Requirements Management
    Engineering Lifecycle Manager
    Lifecycle Query Engine
    Configuration Management
    Design Management
    Rhapsody Design Management
    Jazz Foundation
Rational Rhapsody version 8.0.3

Resolving the problem

After upgrading to the Rational DOORS 9.5.1 client, remove all link types from the Collaboration Links list and add them again. To access the Collaboration Links list, log in to Rational DOORS as a database manager or a custom user who has the power to manage the database. Click File > OSLC > Remote Services. An example of the remote services window is shown in the following image. You only need to perform this task once in any Rational DOORS database.

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Modified date: 07 June 2013