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Configuring ODBC to use Secure Sockets layer (SSL) connection to connect to Informix database.

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How does one configure an ODBC connection on a Windows machine to use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to connect to a remote Informix database server?



1. Generate the client keystore (clikeydb.kdb), the stash file (clikeydb.sth) and import server's certificate on unix machine following the instructions specified in the following URL:

2. Copy the generated files (.kdb, .sth, .cert) from unix server to your Windows machine, under $INFORMIXDIR/ssl directory.

3. Update the conssl.cfg existing under $INFORMIXDIR/etc to point to the .kdb and the .sth file. Ensure the path for the .kdb and the .sth file specified in the conssl.cfg does not have any white space.

For example, you can specify something like this:

    SSL_KEYSTORE_FILE C:\PROGRA~1\IBMINF~1\ssl\clikeydb.kdb
    SSL_KEYSTORE_STH C:\PROGRA~1\IBMINF~1\ssl\clikeydb.sth

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Software version: 3.5, 3.7, 4.1

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Modified date: 27 August 2013

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