"An Error occurred" message is displayed when you log in with the wrong password if Rational Focal Point is deployed on Websphere Application Server and configured to use Rational Directory Server as LDAP server.

Technote (troubleshooting)


Rational Focal Point supports Rational Directory Server as LDAP server. If you have configured Rational Focal Point 6.6 that is deployed in Websphere Application Server to use the RDS server, you might encounter a problem while logging in. The "Login failed" or "An Error occurred" message is disaplayed when you login with a wrong password.


This error is due to the incompatible versions of the Websphere Application Server and Rational Directory Server.

Resolving the problem

Use Websphere Application Server v8.5.0.2 and Rational Directory Server

To use RDS as the LDAP server, see the supported compatible version of Websphere Application Server and the Rational Directory Server mentioned in the System Requirements topic in the help.

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