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There is no "Min-Max Scale" setting on a "PLOT" GRAPH Node.

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Using IBM SPSS Modeler 15, can we set the "Min-Max Scale on a PLOT GRAPH Node?


There is no "Min-Max Scale" setting on a PLOT GRAPH node for IBM SPSS Modeler 15. This option has been deprecated since SPSS Modeler 14.1.


You do not see the palette control to edit the scale of the axes in the plot node output of Modeler if the data has been binned to produce the plot (the default behaviour in the plot node if there are over 2000 records in Modeler) - you can select the threshold and specify weather to bin or not in the appearance tab of the plot node.

In reality there are several ways to do this:
1. Specify the scale on the plot node BEFORE generating the chart.
2. Use the "Scatterplot" template in the Graphboard node which does have this control in the output (by virtue of it not binning data by default)
3. In the plot node specify to sample rather than bin the data if there are more than the threshold number of records.

An enhancement request has been submitted to allow setting of "Min-Max Scale" on a PLOT GRAPH Node

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