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An attempt to install Administration Center with Tivoli Common Reporting feature on a system with Tivoli Monitoring and Reporting can fail with 'unable to validate credentials' after providing 'itmuser' password when prompted.


As part of normal processing, the Tivoli Common Reporting service needs to be able to log into the IBM Tivoli Monitoring server to complete needed tasks. It accomplishes this via the 'itmuser' account that was defined when the Tivoli Monitoring and Reporting product was installed. As part of the install verification the Administration Center installer attempts to login to the local system as 'itmuser' via the ssh facility. If for some reason this is not possible the error above will be presented.


Tivoli Monitoring and Reporting 6.3 or higher

Tivoli Storage Manager Administration Center 6.3 or higher.

Diagnosing the problem

Administration Center with Tivoli Common Reporting needs to be installed under a non-root user id. For the purpose of this example lets assume 'ac_installer' In this case, the user 'ac_installer' must be able to issue 'ssh localhost -l itmuser' and after successfully passing the correct password for 'itmuser' complete the login process. If the connection is refused or fails in anyway then the problem above will be verified.

Resolving the problem

Assuming the message below is displayed:

ssh: connect to host localhost port 22: Connection refused

Make sure sshd is running:
ps ax | grep [s]shd

Check that the process is listening on port 22 (default) //linux//
netstat -ln | grep 22
tcp 0 0 :::22 :::* LISTEN

Verify that 'itmuser' is valid.
cat /etc/passwd | grep itmuser

Validate that you can login to 'itmuser' from the console

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