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Fix list for IBM Connections 4.5 CR1

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This document lists the fixes included in IBM Connections 4.5 CR1 cumulative refresh.


Cumulative Refreshes (CRs) consists of a set of cumulative fixes for each of IBM Connections applications. For additional information on CRs, including instructions on how to download and install, please review the Update strategy for IBM Connections 4.5 document.

CR1 is a set of 20 cumulative fixes; each will update the entire application. The CCM (Connections Content Management) fix should only be installed on Connections environments which have Content Management configured.

CR1 requires the use of a new version of the Update Installer, which is published in Fix Central:

Fix Central download link for 4.5 CR1 package (

CR1 includes fixes LO74499 and LO74629, listed in this document. It also includes LO74571 for Connections Mail support. It is not necessary to apply these previous fixes if you are installing CR1. CR1 can also be applied on environments that have those fixes already applied.

CR1 updates the applications listed in this table:

CCM (Connections Content Management)
Mobile Administration

CR1 is applied as a complete set. The complete set includes the fixes listed in this table:

Application Description
Activities Fix issue where Help links on the activity welcome panel are directed to topic not found page
Activities Fix to disable form fields when form is submitted
Activities Fix issue preventing View Demo link from working in certain browsers
Activities Improve performance on tag queries
Activities Fix issue with exported Activity's .csv file where not all fields were displaying in Excel
Activities Resolve exceptions seen on live trash purge
Activities Performance improvements on user log on
Activities Fix issues with validateUser returning 500 errors
Activities Fix issue with Activities sorting
Activities Fix issue preventing the creation of a new activity by copying it from another
Blogs Fix consistency issue with title bar on Public Blogs page
Blogs Fix issue causing Blogs tab tp not display correctly in Bookmarking tool page when clicking from Blogs
Blogs Fix issue with Blogs API returning a 302 redirect in a environment using SiteMinder
Blogs Fix issues with validateUser returning 500 errors
Blogs Fix issue preventing users from posting blog comments in Embedded Experience
Blogs Fix issue where a users follows a blog and then refreshes the page, but the button still display as "follow this blog"
Blogs Fix issue where a user cannot add a blog feed to community from the link at the bottom of the blog
Blogs Resolve issue where incorrect characters are displayed in Blogs client API help text
Blogs Fix issue where the number of likes is decreased after editing the comment
Blogs Fix issue to allow update comment number when delete the previous comments
Blogs Changes to resolve issue where sort options are not returning the appropriate results in All Blogs feed
Blogs Fix problem where a comment cannot be deleted successfully
Blogs Fix issue preventing adding a comment as a new entry/idea
Bookmarks Fix issue with index generation in Bookmarks
Bookmarks Fix issue causing "Page Not Found" when clicking on a search result using the Search My Bookmarks/Public Bookmarks filters
Communities Fix issue causing Action menu to not be valid in Community Activities page
Communities Fix error in IE9 when loading community members page containing user specified photos
Communities Remove option to find groups in typeahead shadow text groups are not enabled
Communities Resolve issues that resulted in duplicate groups to be added to the database
Communities Fix issue causing a NullPointerException when adding members to a subcommunity if too many matches found
Communities Fix issue preventing updating a Community description
Communities Changes to resolve issue where importing to a subcommunity with the "Invite" option would allows users to be invited that are non-members of the parent community
Communities Fix issue when using the business card in 3rd party application that could result in errors when an anonymous user tries to access private community
Communities Fix issue where widget attributes with DBCS values are not properly saved
Communities Changes to fix issue where Remote App Atom entries would point to the wrong service
Communities Fix issue where in the Community Members View Widget, some members may be skipped and some may be repeated across pages
Communities Add membership lastmod value to widgets
Communities Fix issue where certain characters in the community name would prevent Community overview to load
Communities Fix issue with keyboard input not working as expect when widgets are added to Community
Community Calendar Fix issue with editing recurring events
Community Calendar Changes to the Events Widget Calendar View to not show 12:00am on all day events
Community Calendar Changes to properly aling "all day" checkbox in create event form
Community Calendar Fix issue in IE where there is no scroll bar in calendar view
Community Calendar Fix issue where notifying Community members of an Event causes File Not Found Exception
Communities Custom Library Fix issue where an anonymous user gets error when clicking Library file link in Recent Updates widget
Communities Custom Library Fix an issue where a user cannot remove tags on published doc when draft is in review
Communities Custom Library Changes to correct Draft Review button text to "Approve"
Communities Custom Library Fix issue where comments tab does not work when Profile application is disabled
Communities Custom Library Fix issue where Community Members/Owners link takes you to nonexistent community
Communities Custom Library Fix issue where a community owner can not delete other's comment
Communities Custom Library Fix issue where a failure occurs when checking out a published document when Library is workflow enabled
Communities Custom Library Fix issue where lock owner is not returned when there is a draft in review and you don't have access to see draft
Communities Custom Library Fix issue where embedded Filenet activities are not displayed on homepage review of news in an environment using Siteminder
Communities Custom Library Fix issue where add library does not work if community name is long
Communities Custom Library Fix issue with Move/Copy to folder not visible on published document if there is draft
Communities Custom Library Fix issue in workflow, where a version undefined error shows when reviewer edits comment
Communities Custom Library Fix issue where a public file cannot be restored to original library if it has a draft in review
Communities Custom Library Fix ordering in reviewer list in Review tab
Communities Custom Library Fix issue in Quickr migration function that could prevent group member migration
Communities Custom Library Fix issue where an anonymous user cannot view comments correctly in EE
Communities Custom Library Fix issue where a user removed from a community may still show in sharing dialog
Communities Custom Library Changes to ensure draft comments when viewing a draft should only include the current draft's comments
Communities Custom Library Fix to resolve failure to upload file when filenet server hostname in LCC.xml has upper case characters
Communities Custom Library Fix issue where server with hostname starting with "dm" does not connect through proxy correctly
Communities Custom Library Fix issue where user is prevented from deleting a draft if the draft has never been published
Communities Custom Library Fix issue that prevents upload of a new version if the file has "&" character in its name
Communities Custom Library Fix issue where browse button on upload files dialog does not work on certain configurations
Communities Custom Library Fix issue where user cannot upload file if filename contains Chinese characters
Communities/Media Gallery Fix issue in IE9 where user is not able to like a photo or video and save comment
Microblogging Fix for the alignment of the progress indicator
Sharebox Fix issue in 'Mail Community' dialog where user is not able to set message text
Sharebox Fix issue where the global Sharebox @mentions function does not provide type-ahead suggestions
Sharebox Fix issue in IE9 where sharebox window does not close automatically after uploading
Sharebox Fix issue in IE9 where type-ahead does not work in sharebox
Business Card Fix issue with Portal integration where the business card yellow strip text is sometimes displayed as "undefined"
Business Card Fix issue where Blog links with a quote can cause business card to fail
Type-ahead Fix issue where @mentions text does not display properly while typing in IE9 native document mode
Type-ahead Fix issue where right-click and pasting of text does not work in Status Updates when @mentions are enabled
User preferences Updates to German translation
Core Improvements to token refresh logic
Files Fix issue that can cause file name duplication when drag and drop a file to a folder
Files Fix issue with video thumbnail upload when using IE
Files Changes to have the file picker help topics use the proxy
Forums Fix logout link in community forum
Forums Fix forum name alignment in communities overview page
Forums Fix possible loop issue in forums category seedlist
Forums Fix Javascript error in Search This Forum view
Forums Fix issue where tags typeahead is missing in forums topics
Forums Fix issue in IE where forum widget cannot be loaded in communities
Forums Fix issue preventing carriage returns from working in Forum descriptions
Forums Fix issue where a message gets posted after with attachment that did not pass AV check
Forums Improvements to Forums list display
Home Page Fix issue where a duplicate record is created with new PERSONID in certains Homepage login failure scenarios
Home Page Resolve class loading problem in Homepage and News initialization
Activity Stream Fix issue with setting page size via gadget configuration
Activity Stream Fix 404 error in IE when browsing Recent Updates in Community
Activity Stream Remove double-photo in stream
Activity Stream Move actions to same line as timestamp
Activity Stream Fix issue with popup window blocked when downloading file from ActivityStream
Activity Stream Fix date format in status updates
Activity Stream Fix issue where status update should not be shown if user has applied a filter before posting status
Activity Stream Changes to support parameter in AS gadget to override the max-width & min-width applied to stream
Activity Stream Fixes to all comments for Activity Stream
Home Page Widgets Fix problem where details link not returning data on Chrome and Safari for Bookmarks with multiple tags
Home Page Widgets Fix issue preventing usage of iContext.getUserProfile().getItemValue('email')
Home Page Widgets Improvements to RSS widget
Install Fixed issue when using ccmDomainTool to create a FileNet domain where processing fails due to a rolled back exception
Install Add support for IBM i platform to the Update Installer
Install Fix issue where install fails without warning when network share not available during installation
Install Fix issue where Upload File and New Folder buttons do not appear when adding library widget in the second community
Install Fix issue where user cannot create FileNet ObjectStore with GUI or manually from command line
Metrics Fix problem with global metrics reports showing incorrect numbers when using Oracle database
Metrics Fix issue where user cannot add members whose user name contains single quote ' character
Metrics Fix issue where Activities statistical data will be missed in Metrics if the widget's number is larger than 10 in Community
Metrics Fix issue where Cognos logout url is requested for users who did not access Metrics
Metrics Fix issue where online help in community metrics does not work
Metrics Improvements to error reporting for request timeout from Cognos server
Metrics Resolve transaction deadlocks on Metrics database
Metrics Fix content link for media gallery
Metrics Add folder record in database when accessing folder for files
Metrics Add a message for when users access the community metrics just after community created
Metrics Fix issue where global Metrics is blank for Community owners
Mobile Fix issue where MobileRedirect does not handle DBCS languages
Mobile Add default extensibility icons to the mobile application
Mobile Record Mobile access to Blogs, Media Gallery and Activities in Metrics
Mobile Fix issue where non-valid activity UID link can cause a failure
Mobile Fix rendering issue when HTML links in comments include line breaks and next word
Mobile Prevent Blog comments from showing HTML tags in activity stream
Mobile Fix to properly show images within blog posts
Mobile Improvement to Spanish and German translation to label about strings
News Fix issue with Notes 9 SE where display blog entry from private community notification is not displayed
Profiles Fix issue to allow Sametime proxy awareness to work properly if proxy is already loaded on page
Profiles Fix issue where Invite Panel tag field scrolls off screen with long tag
Profiles Fix problem that can cause the business card to fail when a Blog link has a quote
Profiles Fix to allow Deleted users to be included in the seedlist feed
Profiles Locale fixes for business card in Portal
Search Resolve issue where ECM files access level does not change in the index after community's access level is changed
Search Fix error 500 in validateUser API for inactive users
Search Fix per-document seedlist retrieval capabilities
Search Fix to failure during indexing re-try for ECM files
Search Fix sorting search result by comments and downloads
Search Fix problem where no tags are listed under "Selected Tags" in event list view
Search Add error messages and levels for exceptions logging in EcmFilesIndexer
Search Fix issue where index task is removed after restarting Search node when using Oracle database
Search Fix issue where Oracle initial index creation fails due to a Stellent conversion error
Search Fix to use correct profile photo's URL in search result
Search Fix for issue in IE9 to properly display Date Filter at the top of the search results page
Search Resolve issue preventing tags and document types widgets from being populated on search results page
Search Fix problem leading to an error during Advanced Search for a Person.
Search Fix issue preventing return of matching profiles when filtering by organization tag
Search Fix issue causing the crawling against new Filenet server tp return 400 error
Wikis Fix issue in Table of Content (TOC) where it will not be updated after change a heading value
Wikis Fix issue where focus is lost in editor after inserting TOC
Wikis Fix issue where TOC will remain in page after removed in editor
Wikis Remove right-click context menu of TOC
Wikis Allow for clicking a link in TOC to go to my wikis page
Wikis Fix issue were a user cannot create wiki page using IE
Wikis Add option to turn off the Wikis Macro in wikis-config.xml
Wikis Fix issue where a user cannot edit Wiki Widget settings in a Community
Wikis Fix issue where the comments are overlapped in Wikis print page

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