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What causes a DGL3916A on a retrieve of an item using the Windows client in Content Manager for z/OS?

Technote (troubleshooting)


When doing a retrieve of an object I am getting a DGL3916A and do not know why.


DGL3916A issued at the client workstation.


The domain of the userid does not match the domain of the resource manager in the ICMSTRESOURCEMGR table.



Diagnosing the problem

Check the DKLOG of the client workstation and see if a DGL3916A was issued when opening a document or folder. Then check the ICMSTUSERS table for the domain id of the user getting the error. Then check the ICMSTRESOURCEMGR table and for the domain of the RM in question is. If they are different that is the cause of the failure.

Resolving the problem

To fix this issue you have a few possible solutions.

You can change the assigned Domain ID in the ICMSTUSERS table for the user in question to match the Domain ID in the ICMSTRESOURCEMGR table.

You can change the assigned Domain ID for the resource manager in the ICMSTRESOURCEMGR table to match the Domain ID assigned to the user.

Either change should resolve the issue. You need to take a few things into consideration. Changing the default Domain ID for the resource manager might affect other users. Also changing the default domain associated with a userid might prevent that user from accessing other resource managers.

This error normally happens when a system has only one Domain or you are only concerned with a single domain. The problem is the domain assigned is not correct. If you do use multiple domains, then normally a given userid only has access to one domain's data. So correcting that ids domain id will fix the issue. If a user needs access to more than one domain, they normally have multiple IDs to do so.

Be careful on how you decide to apply the fix to avoid creating other problems.

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