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We have a two machine cluster where I am trying to access the /ClusterManagement/ service to make sure both machines are showing up in the cluster. But when I try to hit the primary server, I get "Endpoint not found". I can go directly to:
and log in, but then nothing but a blank page loads. When attempting to hit the second server gives me the error "401 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials."


That web service is not meant to be used manually by a user in a URL.

Resolving the problem

The ClusterManagement service is working as expected.

This new webservice was added for our installation program to use to properly update DPM after running an installation in which the DataCollectionSitePrep.ini was manually changed. So that web service is not meant to be used manually by a user in a URL. This is no different than hitting something like
which will produce an error. Rather, the installation program will call the web service and use it, not an end user.

That particular web service will use integrated Windows authentication to run, which makes sense because our installation program will make use of it behind the scenes during installation, and it will need to be run as the installing user in order to make sure it has appropriate permissions to update DPM properly.

So the bottom line is that this web service is only used internally by our installations for when customers manually modify the cluster ini file and then run an installation afterwards from that manually modified .ini file.

The purpose of the web service is to ensure that DPM is properly updated to match the changes that were manually made in the .ini file after the initial installation and update DPM with that specific information.

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