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Attempting to import Rational Rose models with "$CAT" variable forces you to use the "Browse" button to browse to the location of the models

Technote (troubleshooting)


When you try to import an IBM Rational Rose (Rose) model with the "$CAT" environment variable into IBM Rational Software Architect (RSA), you are forced to use the "Browse..." button to search for the folder where the model is stored, as the "&" symbol is not displayed.


Your models were originally developed in Rational Rose v2003.06.xx and you used an environment variable called $CURDIR.

However, after you open and save the model in Rose v7.x, the environment variable changes to $CAT. Then, when you try to import the model into RSA, you are prompted for the value of the $CAT variable, while the value should be &. It should not be necessary for you to browse to the location of the model.

It is not possible to enter the & symbol and, when you try to browse to the folder where the model is kept, RSA prevents you from completing the migration of the Rose models.


RSA gives the $CAT variable the priority over the $CURDIR, variable, because, alphabetically, $CAT comes before $CURDIR.

Resolving the problem


Import the Virtual Path Map Registry file, while importing the Rose model(s) itself. To do so, follow these steps:

NOTE: The instructions below involve entering the Microsoft Windows Registry and exporting a Registry key. Be sure not to make any modifications to the Registry itself during this process.

  1. Close all IBM Rational products including Rose and RSA

  2. Open the Microsoft Windows Registry by selecting Start > Run...,
    typing regedit into the text box, and clicking OK

  3. Select [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Rational Software\Rose\Virtual Path Map]

  4. Right click [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Rational Software\Rose\Virtual Path Map] and choose Export

  5. Save this Registry setting to a .reg Registry file

  6. Close the Registry

  7. Open RSA

  8. Select File > Import... > Modeling > Rational Rose Model and click Next to enter the Rose Model Importer (RMI) wizard

  9. Browse and select the Rose model as the Source > Source model

  10. Browse and select the Registry file (.reg) from Step 5 as the Source > Registry file

  11. Complete the rest of the Rose import

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