Explaining the dsmserv.v6lock lock file

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What is the purpose of the Tivoli Storage Manager dsmserv.v6lock file?


The dsmserv.v6lock file is generated in the instance users home directory upon dsmserv invocation. It is deleted when dsmserv is quiesced normally.

The intended purpose of this file is to signify that the Tivoli Storage Manager server instance is started and provide information about the running process.

For example:

    bash-3.00$ cat dsmserv.v6lock
    dsmserv process ID 14287022 started Wed Mar  6 08:37:25 2013

Per the above example, the dsmserv process was started on "Wed Mar 6 08:37:25 2013" as operating system process number "14287022".

Using the operating system "ps" command, the Tivoli Storage Manager instance can be found:
    bash-3.00$ ps -ef | grep 14287022
    tsminst1 14287022        1   0   Mar 06      - 19:11    /opt/tivoli/tsm/server/bin/dsmserv

As of this writing, V7.1.0.0+ Tivoli Storage Manager server still uses the "dsmserv.v6lock" file name.

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