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Service Bulletin #173 : z/TPF open source repository move

Technote (troubleshooting)


This service bulletin contains information about the move of the z/TPF open source repository from to

Resolving the problem

The z/TPF open source repository is moving from to

The links to the open source repository on the TPF Family Products: Product Software page and from the APAR download csv and xls files provided on the TPF Family Products: Maintenance page will be changed on May 13, 2013.

The existing open source download packages were copied to the new repository at

All open source download packages created after May 13, 2013 will be placed only in the new repository.

All existing open source download packages will remain in the old repository ( until year-end 2013.

Additional information:

The z/TPF APAR Download Tools (available on the TPF Family Products: Tools page) were updated to support the links to the new open source repository.

For questions or concerns about the information in this service bulletin, send an email to TPFQA@US.IBM.COM.

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