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How to use a Search & Select prompt against a DMR package.

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This document describes how a Report Author can create Select & Search prompt to provide users ability filter a report on any member or group of members from within a hierarchy.


A business user wants a report that access a Dimensionally Modeled Relational (DMR) or OLAP over Relational. The report needs to contain a prompt that will allow the user to select any member or group of members from a hierarchy. A Tree prompt would normally be suitable for this type of situation, however the hierarchy contains many members and requiring the user to remember where each member is located in the tree is not reasonable. In this case, the user would like to use a Select & Search prompt.


For the Prompt Query, create the following data items
Display_Value with the expression roleValue('_memberCaption',members([Sales (analysis)].[Products].[Products]))
Use_Value with the expression roleValue('_memberUniqueName',members([Sales (analysis)].[Products].[Products]))

Add a slicer to the Report Query with the expression set(#promptMany('SearchAndSelect','MUN','[Products]')#)

Attached is a sample report that uses the IBM Cognos Samples.

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