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Silent Installation of SPSS Statistics 21.0 on a Mac OS X

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How to do a Silent install of SPSS Statistics 21.0 on a Mac OS X.


Running a silent installation on Mac and Linux computers
A silent, unattended installation does not display a graphical interface and does not require any user intervention. IBM® SPSS® Statistics includes an installer properties file that allows you to run this sort of installation on Mac OS and Linux. The file contains several different options and descriptions of these options.

How to use the installer properties file
The installer properties file,, can be found in /Linux/Administration
or /MacOS/Administration at the root of the DVD/CD. If you downloaded an eImage, can be found in the Administration folder in the eImage.
Ø Copy the installer properties file from the DVD/CD or from the eImage.
Ø Open the copied file in a text editor.
Ø Change the properties that you need. Some options require a string value, while others that correspond to choices in the installer can be set to 0 (off) or 1 (on).

How to run the silent installation
If you are installing on Mac OS, be sure that you are using the silent installer rather than the
interactive installer. The silent installer has a .bin extension and is available for download as an
eImage. If you have physical installation media, it is located in /MacOS/Administration/ on the

Ø Using a terminal application, run the installation executable with the -f switch followed by the location of the installer properties file surrounded by quotation marks. On Mac OS and Linux you must run as root or with the sudo command. Following is an example on Linux:
sudo ./setup.bin -f "/root/"

I have attached the 'Site License Administrators Guide' PDF for your reference. Open the installation documentation and search for 'Running a silent installation on Mac and Linux computers' for more information.

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