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IACzGather: NVINFO exec to gather Support information

Technote (FAQ)


Going to open a pmr with Support for IACz. What doc can I collect up front to speed up problem resolution?


Want to speed up problem resolution by collecting base information to aid in debugging and reduce the amount of additional doc requested.


The NVINFO exec is run from the NetView command line and will collect the following diagnostic information:

  • LISTVAR environment variables
  • RESOURCE command to show system resources
  • LISTA to show NetView Dataset information
  • Task information - TASKMON ALL,LIST STATUS=TASKS....
  • TASKUTIL to show Task information
  • Security Information - LIST SECOPTS
  • CNMSTYLE information as found in BR CNMSTYLE
  • Provides an option to take a dump

NVINFO will write output to the netlog (BR NETLOGA) by default.
The netlog will need to be dumped and sent in via FTP for review.

NVINFO can also be written out to a dataset - see help for more information.

There is also a DUMP option on the NVINFO exec to take a dump of the address space - see help for more information.

There is a Video on NVINFO showing the information provided that is attached below.

note: NVINFO is a synonym for CNME9003

Here is a NetViewGather on how to dump out and format the netlog:

Here is a NetViewGather on how to FTP data to the ECUREP FTP server for Level 2 support:

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More support for: IBM Automation Control for z/OS

Software version: 1.1

Operating system(s): z/OS

Reference #: 1636932

Modified date: 14 April 2017

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