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How to turn on extra logging for the Change Management integration in Rational DOORS

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How can the OSLC requests be traced for the Change Management integration for IBM Rational DOORS.


If the integration is not behaving as you expect it can be useful to turn on extra logging. This logging will show for example what queries are being sent to the change management provider such as IBM Rational Change, IBM Rational Clear Quest or IBM Rational Team Concert.


To enable debugging

  1. Open the file <DOORS Installation>\lib\dxl\standard\changemgnt\

  2. Find these lines:
    bool ECPSDEBUGON = false //debugging flag
    const string
    ECPS_DEBUG_LOGFILE = "c:\\temp\\cmecpsLogfile.txt" //debug log file

  3. Change the value of ECPSDEBUGON from false to true

  4. Set the value of ECPS_DEBUG_LOGFILE to the path where you want the logfile to be written. Make sure to include the filename.

  5. Exit the Rational DOORS session if one is currently started

  6. Restart the Rational DOORS session.

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