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Backup of encrypted file from CIFS NAS share fails

Technote (troubleshooting)


The backup of encrypted file on a NAS CIFS share mounted on a Windows Tivoli Storage Manager Client fails with ANS0361I and the ANE4007E error is logged on the server.


The Tivoli Storage Manager client dsmerror.log will show the following messages :

ANS0361I DIAG: RawEfsOpen('file name'): Destination file system 'share name' doesn't support encryption, skipping object.
Access denied

The Tivoli Storage Manager server activity log will show the following message :

ANE4007E Error processing 'file name': access to the object is denied


Limitation of CIFS mounted volumes.

Resolving the problem

This error is expected in this type of configuration. This is a limitation that is described in the

"Methods for backing up and recovering data on NAS file servers when using CIFS" section of the Information Center. In this section, the following is mentioned :

These are some limitations of NAS file server data when using CIFS:

  • File and directory security information might be inaccessible when the Windows account performing the backup is not a member of the Domain Administrators group of the domain the NAS file server is a trusted member of. It is also possible that these security access failures might prevent the entire file or directory from being backed up.
  • Performance degradation occurs because data is being accessed remotely.
  • The mapped drives appear to Tivoli Storage Manager as NTFS file systems, but they might not have the full functionality of NTFS functionality. For example, the encryption attribute of a file is set, but when the client backs up the file, the backup fails because the volume-level encryption setting indicates that encryption cannot be used for the volume.

The last limitation referring to the encryption attribute of the file applies to this scenario.

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