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Update to Domino 9.0 Social Edition OpenSocial widgets documentation: How to specify the Notes client versions that can use a widget

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The Domino Administrator Help topic, Configuring widgets for specific Notes client releases, discusses the use of 3 Notes client preferences (currentNotesPlatform, filterByWidgetPlatform, and strictWidgetFilter)that an administrator can set to specify which versions of the Notes client a widget from the Widget catalog is deployed to. These preferences apply to Notes clients only; they do not apply to iNotes clients.

An administrator can set these 3 preferences in the plugin_customization.ini file (<install_dir>/framework/rcp/plugin_customization.ini), or can push the preferences to a set of Notes clients through the use of Notes Desktop policy settings.

In environments that support multiple Notes client versions, the use of a Desktop policy to push the currentNotesPlatform preference can lead to undesired results. For this reason, in mixed client environment, it is best to set the currentNotesPlatform preference individually on clients that require it by adding the preference to the plugin_customization.ini file, either on the Notes client, or during the installation process. For information about using the plugin_customization.ini file to customize the Notes installation, see the Domino documentation.

By default, the filtering preference filterByWidgetPlatform is disabled. A client on which filterByWidgetPlatform is disabled is still subject to some basic filtering; for example the client is prohibited from installing widgets that require a later client version. Thus, a Notes 8.5.3 client on which filterByWidgetPlatform is disabled cannot install from the Widget catalog any widget that has its Platform field set to IBM Notes 9.0, regardless of whether the widget belongs to a category belongs that is set to be installed automatically. A Notes 9.0 client with the same preference setting would be able to install the widget.

As long as filterByWidgetPlatform is disabled, Notes ignores the values for the other filtering preferences (currentNotesPlatform and strictWidgetFilter). On mixed client networks that support Notes roaming users, problems can occur if you change the value of filterByWidgetPlatform to enabled and roaming users access the server from multiple versions of the Notes client. In such a case, Notes clients are permitted to install widgets that not compatible with the client version.

For example, consider the following scenario:

Samantha, a Notes roaming user, uses two versions of the Notes client, Notes 8.5.3 and Notes 9.0. On each of these clients the following preferences are in effect:

Preference Value
filterByWidgetPlatform Enabled
strictWidgetFilter Enabled
currentNotesPlatform Default (N853 for the 8.5.3 client and N90 for the 9.0 client)

Samantha's widgets policy is configured to install WidgetCategoryA from the Widget catalog. One of the widgets in WidgetCategoryA is WidgetA for has its platform field set to 8.5.3. Given the widget properties and the policy, WidgetA should only ever be installed on Notes 8.5.3 clients.

When Samantha logs in from her Notes 8.5.3 client, the policy is applied, and WidgetA is installed on the client, as expected. Samantha's client then synchs data to the roaming server. Later that day, Samantha logs in from her Notes 9.0 client. After data from the roaming server is synched to the Notes 9.0 client, WidgetA is roamed to the client.

To prevent Notes roaming users from inadvertently installing widgets on unsupported client versions, always retain the default disabled value for the filterByWidgetPlatform preference.

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