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Importing Catalog Fixes to the SwKBT and TADd

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Receiving a Catalog Fix how to verify that is was imported and propagated to TADd and agents?


Software Catalog Fix for TADd is provided as small Canonical XML Document containing information about single Software Product. Usually a fix is a correction of signature, adding missing relation between products or product and component.

  1. To import the provided fix through Manage Imports -> Canonical XML Document, it's good to provide meaningful name and description of the import - e.g. number of PMR or affected product
  2. After the import finishes, results can be reviewed in Manage Imports -> Import Summaries (see screen shot below)

  3. To check import details, mark "Select" check box for the fix import and click "Browse"

It is expected that "Skipped updates" and "Failures" will be 0 (zero) while at least one other item is not zero (indicating that changes are made).
To review details of change a "Detailed summary" can be used.

When the import succeeded there is needed to Export Catalog (or Publish) and import Catalog to the TADd. Catalog date shown in TADd should match the one visible on Knowledge Base Information page as "Last Modification" date. Last modification date and Data Version changes every modification of data in SwKBT.

Once Catalog is imported to TADd, it take a cycle to get to agents. There is possible to check Software Catalog Version on dedicated page in TADd.
To speed up this process on test environments TADd server can be restarted to force immediate preparation of catalog update for agents as well as agent can be stopped and started again to force getting new catalog.

In 7.5 agents catalogs updates are provided as baseline catalog and delta catalogs (there is defined maximum number of deltas and then again new baseline catalog is provided and process starts from beginning). The catalogs are located in scanner\<OS NAME>\ under agent directory.

Looking at last modification date it could be checked when last update was fetched. Is it good to check when last software scan occurs in TADd console or by checking last modification date of tlm_local_sw_output.gz file. As in this example scan occurs before catalog update was fetched.

Looking at catalog_*.zip files there is also possible to confirm that given signature fix has been propagated to the agents. Using Detailed Summary of given fix import in SwKBT there is possible to narrow changes to "Signatures only" to show what changes to the signatures has been made:

Then signature content can be shown in SwKBT by clicking link in "Name" column.

Having the signature content there is possible to search for it in catalog*.zip files (pickup some of important part of signature - application specific file or registry key and search for such phrase e.g.

It is good to compare the signature content between SwKBT and catalog*.zip file (use the one from the newest file if the signatures have the same GUID).

Having the Signature GUID and executed scan there is also possible to check in tlm_local_sw_output.gz if signature was matched or not - variable IS_INSTALLED is set to true when is matched. Some of signatures returns also INSTALL_PATH so this provides additional hint where product is installed.

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More support for: Tivoli Asset Discovery for Distributed

Software version: 7.2.2, 7.5

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, IBM i, Linux, Solaris, Windows

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Modified date: 08 May 2013

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