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Parsing error in IBM Cognos Report Studio when using 'in' clause within expression editor. QE-DEF-0261 QFWP

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When using the expression editor in IBM Cognos Report Studio to create a detail filter which uses the 'in' clause there will be a parsing error thrown. QE-DEF-0261 QFWP - Parsing text


The cause of the issue can be many things but in the case of this issue was that the client had set the ACTIVE LANGUAGE of the project in IBM Cognos Framework Manager to be English, however the active language once the package was published was set to Dutch. There was a communication error occurring between IBM Cognos components.

Diagnosing the problem

If you receive this error code while creating a detail filter expression in IBM Cognos Report Studio confirm the active language in IBM Cognos Framework Manager matches that of the published package you're building the report from.

Resolving the problem

To resolve the problem set the language of the package in IBM Cognos Connection to be the same language as the active language in IBM Cognos Framework Manager.


1. In IBM Cognos Report Studio with the report in question open click on the icon that represents the package from the "Source" panel.

2. At the bottom of the "Report Package" window change the Language to match the Active Language in IBM Cognos Framework Manager

Note: If the Active Language is English then any of the sub-English languages are acceptable as well.

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