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Transaction Collector Causes Hub TEMS to Crash

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You are running the ITCAM for Transactions 7.3 FP01 Transaction Reporter (TO) and Transaction Collector (TU) agents under ITM 6.2.3 FP01. After starting the TU agent, the hub TEMS crashes. How can this be prevented?


This is actually a TEMS (Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server) issue documented with APAR IV07913.


Upgrade the TEMS from V6.2.3 FP01 to V6.2.3 FP02.

When agent messages include the content of query strings, messages longer than 4KB cause the TEMS to overflow its buffers. In ITM 6.2.3 FP02, APAR IV07913 corrects this defect.

Diagnosing the Problem

To diagnose the problem, enable the following trace at the TEMS:


Examine the ITM_HOME/logs/*_ms_*.log files for SQL trace entries that look like the following. Notice the message that the KCF Termination Handler is executed.

(2013/04/23,17:35:37.00B1-45:kdssqprs.c,643,"PRS_ParseSql") SELECT BLOB FROM KTU.TUTT_EVENT AT("HUB_c25a0267") WHERE ORIGINNODE=? AN
(2013/04/23,17:35:37.00B2-45:kdssqprs.c,643,"PRS_ParseSql") D SYSTEM.PARMA('STIME','0',1) AND SYSTEM.PARMA('ETIME','0',1) AND SYSTEM
(2013/04/23,17:35:37.00B3-45:kdssqprs.c,643,"PRS_ParseSql") .PARMA('LIMIT','1000',4) AND SYSTEM.PARMA('HSTITCH','Q29va2llAFVuaWNhTkl
(2013/04/23,17:35:37.00DB-38:kcfccmer.cpp,756,"KCFTerminateHandler") KCF Termination Handler entered

Workaround to Verify the Solution

1) Log onto the Transaction Reporter hosts, one at a time.

2) Make a backup copy of:


3) Edit kto_stitching.xml

4) Search for other occurrences of the string

<StitchName name="Cookie" />

and change the string to

<StitchName name="Cookie" search="false" />

With this change, Transaction Reporter queries to the Transaction Collector do not include Cookies with long values.

5) Save the file and restart the Transaction Reporter.

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Software version: 7.3

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Modified date: 2013-05-06