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How does Calendar Federation work?


How Federated Calendar Entries are stored
Federated calendar entries are stored in the mail file owner's Calendar Profile. An account document is created in the user's personal address book that describes any needed account specific login information, for instance a Google calendar user's login information and server location to find the source calendar.

NOTE: Roaming MUST be enabled in order for calendars to show on multiple machines because the account document will need to follow the mail file owner

The calendars are stored in the CalURLs field of the profile document in this format.

"My Google Calendar'googleCalendar:My Google Calendar:3:null'letter c.png'{255,128,64}'{0,0,128}'1"

"astronomy'iCalendarFeed:astronomy:0:null'coffee mug.png'{128,255,0}'{57,87,122}'0"

"rrdb'notesApplicationCalendar:rrdb:0:null'calendar gray.png'{255,255,0}'{57,87,122}'0"

These items are defined as:

Subscription name: As defined by the mail file owner. This is the name of the account document as well as the calendar name that shows in the user's mail file
Subscription type: Current options are: googleCalendar, iCalendarFeed, notesApplicationCalendar, notesTeamCalendar, notesCalendar and Activity
Offline-able: Is the calendar set for offline storage? Values are 0 for No and 1,3,6,9 or 12 for the number of months of data to store.
The icon and color items are self explanatory
Subscription enabled: The last number shows if the calendar is currently enabled (has a checkmark beside it in the user's calendar) 0 = No, 1 = Yes

Important details about calendar federation:

Access: You must be delegated Read Public Document access in a Notes user's calendar in order to see their calendar in overlay mode.

Performance: When a user's calendar is first opened, there is a slight delay before the federated calendars show. In older client versions, it was necessary to click Show Calendars. This is by design so that the Owner's calendar opens quickly.

Caution: Unclicking the Mail File owner's name in the Show Calendars section will cause the Owner's own calendar to disappear!

Limits: There is a limit of 25 federated calendars in a single mail file.

Notes User's Calendar in Offline Mode: In order to see a Notes user's calendar when offline, a local replica of that user's mail file is required, or local busytime.nsf must contain the user in question.

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