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WebSphere BI for FN V3.1.1 UDF DNFMWHFINMSG returns an incorrect line feed character with Java 6

Technote (troubleshooting)


This alert is only relevant for customers who are using the WebSphere BI for FN user-defined function DNFMWHFINMSG with Java V6 in WLM.

In the WebSphere BI for FN message warehouse, the body of each FIN message is stored in hex representation. When such a message contains a line feed character, this character is represented as hex 25. WebSphere BI for FN provides a user-defined function (UDF) called DNFMWHFINMSG that you can use to convert the hex representation of a FIN message into a readable form.
DNFMWHFINMSG runs in a Java environment. When Java 5 is used, hex 25 is converted to a line feed character. For Java 6 and later versions, hex 15 is converted to line feed.

WebSphere Message Broker V7 requires Java 6, and the Java versions used by WebSphere Message Broker and the WLM environment (where UDFs such as DNFMWHFINMSG run) should be kept in sync. Consequently, after you migrate to WebSphere Message Broker V7, DNFMWHFINMSG no longer returns a correct a line feed character.


Operating System: z/OS

WebSphere BI for FN V3.1.1
WebSphere Message Broker 7.0,
Java 6 up to SR13, Java 6.0.1 up to SR5

Resolving the problem

This problem was reported to Java Support, which created the following APAR to address it:


To resolve this problem, no WebSphere BI for FN code changes are required. It is solved by installing one of the following Java service releases:
- Java 6 SR14
- Java 6.0.1 SR6

These service releases are scheduled to be available in July 2013, at which time you can download them from the following URL:

If you want to start testing before these service releases become available, you can request the Java efix for APAR IV38984. However, this is not recommended for a production environment.

WebSphere BI for FN customers who are still using Java 5 must migrate to one of these Java service releases before the end-of-service date of Java 5 (30 Sep 2013).

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WebSphere BI for FN V3.1.1

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More support for: WebSphere Business Integration for Financial Networks

Software version: 3.1.1

Operating system(s): z/OS

Reference #: 1636174

Modified date: 21 May 2013

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