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Starting IBM SPSS Modeler Server service as non-SYSTEM

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Is it possible to use the IBM SPSS Modeler Server service in Windows with an account that is not the default SYSTEM account?


After starting the Modeler Server service with the new account (called 'spss'), connecting Modeler Client to Modeler Server produces the following error:

"Failed to connect to server <domain>\<user>@<hostname>:28052
IBM SPSS Modeler Server
Connection to the server refused. Please check the following:
1) That Server is running
2) That any firewalls have been correctly configured
3) That port specifications for the Server are sufficient
4) That the max_sessions option for the Server is high enough
5) If Server is running on a Microsoft Windows based platform and you connect by single-sign on, verify that the user account has been added into the administrator group on the Server machine"

All the above items have been checked and are configured correctly to allow connection between Modeler Client and Server. Starting the Modeler Server service as 'SYSTEM' does not produce any error. What needs to be configured on the 'spss' account to allow this functionality?


Starting SPSS Modeler Server service using a different account than SYSTEM is possible, but you will need to configure the account with the necessary Local Security Policies in order to be successful.

In the above example, ensure that the 'spss' account has the following policies granted to it:
* Create a token object
* Replace a process level token
* Log on as a service

These policies are changed through Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Local Security Policy > Security Settings > Local Policies > User Rights Assignment

Also remember that end-users connecting to Modeler Server must have the policy 'Allow log on locally' granted to them. This is covered in Technote 1477853 (below) and in the 'ServerInstallationWindows.pdf' documentation of IBM SPSS Modeler Server.

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