Java VerifyError when profiling with Java 7 JDK

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When profiling some applications using a Java 7 JDK, in Rational Application Developer version 8.5 and later, you might get an error java.lang.VerifyError.


This is likely caused by the profiling code not able to properly instrument the class using the Java 7 JDK.

Resolving the problem

To work around this problem, use a Java 6 JDK when profiling.

To change the JRE used by the profiler::

  • If you are profiling on server:
    1. Change to the WebSphere Application Server bin directory.
    2. Open the file managesdk.bat and change the JRE to Java 6.
    3. Restart the server.
  • For other profiling scenarios, change the JRE used by the Integrated Agent Controller (IAC):
    1. Click Window > Preferences > Agent Controller -> Integrated Agent Controller
    2. Click the Modify link beside the Java executable that will be used by IAC field and add the Java 6 JRE..
    3. Click Agent Controller -> Integrated Agent Controller , select Disable and then click Apply.
    4. Select Enable, click Apply and then click OK. The new JRE will take effect.

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