How to change the Test Object naming convention under Rational Functional Tester

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How do you change the Test Object naming convention IBM Rational Functional Tester(RFT)?


If there is a requirement with your project to use a specific property to name the Test Object, then you have to change the naming convention inside RFT.


To change the Test Object naming convention with a required property of the control, use the following syntax in the Functional Test Script Templates.

  1. Select a Project in which the naming convention has to be changed

  2. Click on the options Project > Properties > Functional Test Script Templates

  3. Select the Template Script: <Domain>Test Object Name in the drop down list
    Where the domain is the domain of the Application Under Test (it can be HTML / Java etc...)

  4. Use the following syntax in the Template:


    Where the <property> is the desired property of the control to be used in the naming convention.

    Example :

    By default in the HTML domain control's role property along with its name property is used to name the Test Object.

    The syntax used is : " %map:#role%^_%map:#name%^ " .

    If there is requirement to use role along with ID property. Then Select Script:HTML Test Object Name Template and change the syntax as:


    Note: If Recognition properties have to be used, then prefix "." symbol with the property. If the Administrative property have to be used then prefix # symbol with the property.

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