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Generating a test script from a recording session in RPT halts at 90%

Technote (troubleshooting)


Attempts to generate a test script in IBM Rational Performance Tester (RPT) results in test generation to a halt at 90% and does not proceed further for a long period of time.


Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Record a test first which will create a test script and a recording session (.recsession file)
  2. Generate a new test script from this recording.

    Expected result: A new test script is created successfully

    Actual result: The test generation does not proceed further than 90%


This issue is identified as a product defect and has been logged as APAR PM87848.

Additional note:
For this particular issue, the cause is due to RPT's attempt at applying data correlation to the transformed AMF content of the test.
The built-in data correlation rules that RPT is using for Action Message Format (AMF) correlation cause an excessive number of references to be created for this customer's traffic.
This, in turn, slows down the test generation to the point where it would potentially take days.

Resolving the problem


Install the modified rules for AMF correlation. These rules should still handle the useful correlation without overloading the test generator.

  1. Exit from RPT

  2. Navigate to the following directory (or equivalent for your installation)
    C:\Program Files\IBM\IBMIMShared\plugins\\ImpliedRulesFiles

  3. Rename amf.dcrules in the directory above to amf_Original.dcrules

  4. Copy the amf.dcrules from the attachment to the ImpliedRulesFiles directory

  5. Start RPT

  6. Generate a test from the problematic recording


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