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TPMfOSd Automatically boot on hard drive during PXE boot

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It is possible to configure a PXE boot target to automatically boot on the hard drive, if no task is scheduled for the target, and no action is performed on the binding menu, for a predefined timeout?


In order to do so, a text file named targetmenu-timeout must be created in the <TPMfOS Files>\global\rad directory, containing just an integer number (the required timeout, in seconds). A new entry "Boot on OS" will appear in the target menu, and will be automatically selected after the timeout expires. This behavior will be applied on all targets booting on the server in kernel-free mode.

Note that the binding menu can be avoided if the hard disk comes before the network in the target's boot sequence. This configuration will require forcing the network boot by selecting F12 the first time.

Instead of having the system boot into TPMfOSd then customizing it on the server, you could create the entry on the server via a text file, before the target boots, with the details needed. You could also schedule a task against that target before it has ever booted. In this way, you can leverage the "Boot on OS if idle" option to avoid the binding menu.

Document information

More support for: Tivoli Provisioning Manager for OS Deployment

Software version: 7.1.1

Operating system(s): AIX, Linux, Windows

Reference #: 1635853

Modified date: 29 April 2013

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