Apply fails with ASN1053E during execution of ASNLOAD

Technote (troubleshooting)


When full refreshing target tables with asnload, Apply program may fail with either one of these two symptoms:

1. Apply fails during execution of ASNLOAD with message similar to this
ASN1053E APPLY "APP1" : "WorkerThread". The execution of the ASNLOAD exit
routine failed. The return code is "110".

The return code can also be "11" or "-1073741819" instead.

2. ASNLOAD program crashes with SIGSEGV

This is a problem only if using DB2 V9.5 Fix Pack 10, DB2 V9.7 FP7 and FP8, and DB2 V10.1 FP2


When ASNLOAD loads a member that contains a column with COL_TYPE=C or COL_TYPE=F, an uninitialized pointer causes unexpected failures.

Resolving the problem

This defect will be fixed in upcoming DB2 V9.5, V9.7, and V10.1 fix packs.

Copy ASNLOAD from the same version but from an older fix pack that doesn't contain the bug into
new fix pack.

The detailed steps are:

1. Stop the Apply program, if it is not already stopped
2. Do one of these steps depending on your platform:

  • For Linux and UNIX, copy ASNLOAD.bnd from sqllib/bnd
  • For Windows, copy ASNLOAD.bnd from sqllib\bnd
3. Do one of these steps depending on your platform:
  • For Linux and UNIX, copy ASNLOAD from sqllib/bin
  • For Windows, copy ASNLOAD.exe from sqllib\bin
4. Restart the Apply program

If you don't have access to a good version of ASNLOAD and/or you cannot go back to older fix packs that do not contain the problem, then call IBM Support to request a special build.

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InfoSphere Replication Server

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9.5, 9.7, 10.1

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AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

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