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Up, Down, Right, and Left Keyboard Arrow Keys Do Not Function Properly in Lotus 1-2-3

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Why are my keyboard arrow keys not moving the cursor cell to cell, instead when I press the arrow keys they are advancing by several cells in Lotus 1-2-3 workbooks?


Depending on your keyboard, here are the ways to fix this.

1. If your computer keyboard has a ScrLk, Scroll Lock, key, then press that key to allow the keyboard arrow keys to move the cursor cell to cell as before.

2. Some keyboards no longer have the ScrLk key. In this case, start the Windows On-Screen keyboard and press the ScrLk key in the On-Screen keyboard to toggle it off. Sometimes when we accidentally select more than one key, we can toggle on this feature.

Here are the steps to start the On-screen Keyboard.

    1. Go to the Start Circle
    2. Press the Start Circle
    3. In the box directly above the Start Circle, Type:

    4. Press the enter key on your keyboard
    5. The On-Screen Keyboard will appear in front of any program. You will still be able to enter information via either the On-Screen Keyboard or the computer keyboard.
    6. Look for the ScrLk key. If it is appears with black letters on white background, that means it is enabled. Please click on the 'ScrLk' key so we can disable it.

    Now your arrows will properly move cell to cell in Lotus 1-2-3 on your computer keyboard.

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