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Does the Life to Date for assets reset?


The information in the Internal Field Help for the Life to Date for the Asset field is incorrect. It currently states the following:

The Life to Date field for the asset is only updated when a continuous meter is associated to the asset. The field should not update when the meter is replaced as its a continuous running total against the asset. The only field that updates when the meter is replaced is the Last Meter reading field, please disregard the internal field help information in this case.

Information on how the reset/replace of meters is meant to work:

Replacing meters
Use the Reset/Replace Meters action to clear the readings for a meter. Use this action when you replace a physical meter after it breaks and you want to replace it. This action is used for continuous type meters. Use this function to record a starting value for the replacement meter.
1. From the Select Action menu, select Reset/Replace Meters.
2 Specify a value in the Last Reading field.
3. Click OK to replace the meter and to return to the record.

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