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Change an Item From LOT to NOLOT

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Is there a way to change a lotted item to a non lotted item?


Lotted items have expiration dates and regular items do not, so they cannot be used interchangeably in all circumstances.


It is not allowed to change the NOLOT/LOT status of an item after it is

initially saved in Item Master. As far as updating it through the
database manually, I'm sure it is not supported, and the syntax would be
more than just updating that one field because there are expiration
dates associated with a lot.

A new item would need to be created regardless of whether the balance for the item has been issued and is zero, that the item cannot be changed from NOLOT to LOT, and vice-versa. The only time that an item can be changed from NOLOT to LOT is upon initial insert of the record, and before the initial Save of the record.

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Modified date: 05 April 2016