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Maximum number of values in a Select Value prompt.

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What is the maximum number of values that a Select Value prompt will return in Business Insight?


A Business Insight user finds that not all expected values are available in a Select Value prompt.


By Design and for Performance reasons, there is a limitation within Business Insight whereby the select value filter will return a maximum of 500 values.
If more values are required, then the solution is to add a named prompt to a report in Report Studio during report design (redesign). When you add a named prompt to a Report Page or Prompt Page it becomes visible in Business Insight Content pane.
To name the prompts in Report Studio, set the prompt's Miscellaneous > Name property.
When browsing the report in Cognos Business Insight Content pane and when expanding report object and Report Page or Prompt Page, available among other report items will be the name prompt. Adding this prompt to the Business Insight dashboard will render in a separate widget. Use the prompt inside the widget to manage output on the dashboard.

An enhancement request has been submitted to change the limitation. If you would like to see this limitation changed in a future release, please contact IBM Cognos Support, reference this Technote and ask to have your Service Request associated with the enhancement request.

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