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Correcting Incorrect Date Entries On Qualifications

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Is it possible to correct the Effective Date or Expiration Date on a Qualification?


The functionality of the Qualifications module is based on a calculation of the Duration and the Effective Date field values, which are entered by the user. If one, or both of these fields is entered incorrectly, then the Expiration Date for the Qualification can be misrepresented. The Expiration Date field cannot be edited once the record is saved, but it is possible to work around this so as to effectively represent the current qualification for a Labor record.


One of the following scenarios may be possible to use to work around the incorrectly entered date values on the Qualification.

1. If the Qualification needs to become inactive, such as if the
Effective Date was entered with a date that was too far in the future,
then it can be made so in the application at the proper time.

2. If the Qualification needs to be extended or renewed, in the case
where the Effective Date was entered with a date too early, then the
Qualification would need to be renewed as normal, and then made inactive
at the proper time through the application.

3. In an extreme case, if none of these workarounds are acceptable,
then a new Qualification would need to be made, which has a much shorter
duration, and the Labor record could be assigned to that. This would
only be used in the case where the original Qualification will run out
before the originally-intended end of duration, and then the Labor could
renew at the proper time with the original Qualification, so as to get
back in sync with the original Qualification

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