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How to add or change the ICN used for generating support requests in Rational Synergy

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How can you add or change the IBM customer number (ICN) used for generating support requests in IBM Rational Synergy?


In IBM Rational Synergy you can generate support requests directly from the tool. To do this you must first configure the ICN.


Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Edit the system_info.txt file: The file is located in:
    • UNIX: $CCM_HOME/etc/system_info.txt

    • Windows: %CCM_HOME%\etc\system_info.txt

  2. Add or Edit your ICN number associated with the following line:

  3. Restart the client for the change to take effect.
    Now when you click on: Help > Submit Support Request > <Adds Information for PMR> > Preview > Send, the subject of the PMR should contain the ICN as specified.

Note: An ICN has to have 7 digits. If yours has less than 7 please add as many "0"s in front of your number, For example for ICN 4567 use 0004567 to get 7 digits.

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