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Certain users not seeing suspect links, artifacts covered by an RRC suspicion profile

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When there are multiple suspicion profiles for an IBM Rational Requirements Composer (RRC) project, users can set any of those as the profile for their login for that project. Users may see different suspect links, artifacts and report unexpected results if a different or incorrect profile is set for their login in a project.


A user may not see suspect links that another user sees in an RRC project or they see different suspect links.


Either no suspicion profile is selected for the user or the wrong suspicion profile is selected.

Resolving the problem

While logged into an RRC project as a user who does not see suspect links or sees unexpected suspect links, click the Suspicion Profiles icon to view all Suspicion Profiles and select a Suspicion Profile. While viewing an artifact, the Overview menu will also have a value for the 'Is Suspect' field. If the value is the default, 'Select a Profile', no profile has been set for this user in the current project.

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