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How would we display a message that we want to make sure everyone sees when logging in? Even more so than the Bulletin Board.


The login panel can be updated so that everyone sees your message when logging in. This can be done two different ways.

Try either of these:

One option is to modify the current login messages from the TPAE GUI to achieve what you want. To do this, Go To > System Configuration > Platform Configuration-> Database Configuration. From Select Action drop down menu (or in TPAE 7.5 in the More Actions menu) select Messages. From the messages window, filter the Message Group column on "login" to see all of the messages related to the login screen. A good one to change is the Welcome message, for this one filter Message Group on "login" and Message Key on "welcome". Change the message to what you need it to be and save.


The second option requires rebuilding the EAR. To modify the Maximo logon page with this method, you need to change the login.jsp file located in:
Please backup this file prior to making any changes to it, After you modify the login.jsp to include your message you will need to rebuild and redeploy the maximo.ear file.

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More support for: Tivoli Service Request Manager

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Modified date: 26 March 2015