OP-ERR-0144 Grouping on a property or property expression is not supported

Technote (troubleshooting)


Encounter a validation error creating a chart report against a Dimensional modeled Package.


Unable to Group a Member Property Data item in a Chart Report.

Validation error occurs:

OP-ERR-0144 Grouping on a property or property expression:
dataItem="Product name",expression="[__ns_0].[Product].[Product].[Product0].[Product name]" in valueSet="1" is not supported.

Resolving the problem

There is a restriction on Grouping a member property. when a member Property is used in a Chart it is automatically grouped, resulting in the validation error when validating to running the report.

The solution is to replace the Member Property Data item with a Member in the Chart.

This avoids the validation error and returns the required results in the chart.

Example: Go Sales (Analysis Package)

Member property:
[Sales (analysis)].[Product].[Product].[Product]

Member: found in the Members Folder of the Hierarchy
[Sales (analysis)].[Product].[Product].[Product(All)]->[all]


1. In the Chart, remove the Member Property Data item

2. Expand the Hierarchy and select the Member from the members Folder.

Report will validate and run successfully.

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