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This patch is intended to deliver GX7 specific component fixes to date.


On analysis inspection crashes to bypass the NPU. The 4.5 AllModels Hotfix 3
or later is required with this patch for this to work. Please make sure to apply
this fix pack prior to the 4.5 All Models Hotfix 3.

Fixes issue where switchmgr does not handle SNMP traps fast enough.


This patch contains a performance enhancement for the packet driver that
affects Snort.


Adds the ability to set the interval in which the NPU perf stats are emitted.

Default value(in seconds): 30
Valid value: 1 or greater.

The NPU perf statistics can be enabled by setting the parameter
adapter.xpdapp.perfStats to 1 in the tuning parameters policy. The statistics are
output to /cache/log/messages.

Corrects a default queue size increase that was not intended to be delivered
in firmware 4.5. This patch sets the queue sizes to the original intended

Adds reporting of NPU receive errors counters, specifically FCS and JBR. This
is output to /cache/log/messages. Sample message is below. It only reports on
a non-0 value and the check is run once an hour. This check runs with or without
the NPU perf stats being enabled.

Notice: RX err counter: Total: XGMAC0=0 XGMAC1= 1.

Enables HSTL termination. This is to resolve an issue that causes small amounts of packet corruption (FCS errors) that results in network latency.

This patch is only for GX7 models.

If the above information does not resolve your issue, please contact IBM Security Systems Customerl Support.

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