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Changing custom attribute ID and Type in project area

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Can you change custom attribute ID and Type for an existing project area in IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC)?


For an existing project area, once a custom attribute has been created and saved, both ID and Type properties are no-longer updated from

  • Web client: Project Area Management page > Work Items > Types and Attributes column

  • Eclipse client: Project Area editor > Process Configuration tab > Project configuration > Configuration Data > Work Items > Types and Attributes


You cannot change the custom attribute ID and Type after they are created in an existing project area.

The way of change from Process Configuration Source in the XML style configuration is considered as a non-supported and unsafe behavior.


For existing workitems, the suggestion is to add an new custom attribute in this workitem category, and copy the value from existing custom attribute to the new created custom attribute.


  1. Export the attribute data into CSV including the work item ID in the export.

    1. Create a workitem query, add proper condition to make sure the workitems are included in query result, and ensure Id and the custom attribute column are selected in display columns tab

    2. Navigate to File > Export in Eclipse client

    3. Select work items under Team section

    4. Select the query just created in Query section

    5. Select a .csv file in Destination section

  2. Edit the output .csv file, rename the column to the new attribute name

  3. Import the .csv file to update the workitems

    1. Select File > Export in Eclipse client

    2. Select Work Items from CSV under Team section

    3. Select Update matched Work Item

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