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Utilize the command Line to export and import Information Server DataStage assets

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Is it possible to automate exports and imports of Information Server DataStage assets via the command line?


One of the fastest ways to work with Information Server assets is by using the Information Server Manager GUI client or the command line tool, istool. The istool framework is the recommended method for managing assets in Information Server. IStool is located on all client and engine tier installations. The istool framework will work with assets to create an .isx file. This .isx file can be imported using the Information Manager GUI or the istool command line. The .isx format is not interchangeable with the .dsx format present in the DataStage Designer client.

There are a few other ways of utilizing the command line to work with assets:

  • The dsexport/dsimport commands are Windows applications and require user interaction via message boxes. These tools are located on the Client tier only.
  • The dscmdexport/dscmdimport commands are Windows command line applications and can be run unattended. Both sets of commands are run from the InfoSphere DataStage client directory (by default c:\IBM\InformationServer\Clients\Classic). These tools are located on the Client tier only.
  • There is also an utility called DSXimportService which is located on any tier that has the ASBNode installed (by default /IBM/InformationServer/ASBNode/bin)
    This tool will let you import an existing dsx via command line on the server.

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