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Mapping of directories and objects between ACCE and FEM

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Administration Console for Content Platform Engine (ACCE) is the new standard interface for managing Content Engine (CE) server; however, FileNet Enterprise Manager (FEM) has been used in CE 3.5.x, 4.x, 5.0, and 5.1. The ACCE interface arranges objects differently than FEM, and users may have trouble finding some objects/directories in ACCE.


Here is a table of common directories and objects within FEM, and it's new locations in ACCE.

=== Domain Level ===

AddOns Global Configuration -> Data Design -> Add-ons
Database Connections Global Configuration -> Administration -> Database Connections
External Repositories Global Configuration -> Administration -> External Repositories
Fixed Content Devices Global Configuration -> Administration -> Fixed Content Devices
Marking Sets Global Configuration -> Data Design -> Marking Sets
Object Stores Global Configuration -> Object Stores
PE Connection Points Global Configuration -> Object Stores-> <OS> -> Administration -> Workflow System -> Connection Points
PE Region Ids Global Configuration -> Object Stores-> <OS> -> Administration -> Workflow System -> Connection Points
Replication Groups Global Configuration -> Administration -> Replication Groups
Sites Global Configuration -> Administration -> Sites
<Domain> -> Properties -> IBM Search Server Global Configuration -> Administration -> Text Search Servers
<Domain> -> Properties -> Content Cache Global Configuration -> Administration -> Content Cache Areas

=== Object Stores Level ===

Change Preprocessor Actions Events, Actions, Processes -> Change Preprocessor Actions
Choice Lists Data Design -> Choice Lists
Document Class Data Design -> Classes
Document Classification Action Events, Actions, Processes -> Document Classification Action
Document Lifecycles -> Document Lifecycle Action Events, Actions, Processes -> Document Lifecycle Action
Document Lifecycles -> Document Lifecycle Policies Events, Actions, Processes -> Document Lifecycle Policies
Events -> Event Action Events, Actions, Processes -> Event Action
Events -> Subscriptions Events, Actions, Processes -> Subscriptions
Export Manifest N/A
Index Areas Administrative -> Index Areas
Other Classes Data Design -> Classes -> Other Classes
Property Templates Data Design -> Property Templates
Publishing Queue Administrative -> Publishing Queue
Replication Queue Administrative -> Replication Queue
Root Folder Browse -> Root Folder
Saved Searches Search
Search Results Search
Security Policies Administrative -> Security Policies
Storage Areas Administrative -> Storage Areas
Storage Policies Administrative -> Storage Policies
Unfiled Documents Browse -> Unfiled Documents
Workflow Definitions Events, Actions, Processes -> Workflow Definitions
Index Job Management (Right-click ObjectStore -> All Tasks -> Index Job Management) Administrative -> Index Job Manager

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