Troubleshooting IEM Android Device actions

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How to troubleshoot the Android Device actions remaining in open state.

Resolving the problem

There are various reasons to modify a IEM Client site. The most common is that the IEM Server/Relays are not able to send UDP messages to the IEM Clients due to network constraints. IEM uses a polling mechanism which can be configured via the IEM Client settings so this can be done on a client basis manually or by a TASK and does not required agent restart.!/wiki/Tivoli+Endpoint+Manager/page/Slow+or+unresponsive+clients!/wiki/Tivoli+Endpoint+Manager/page/Network+Traffic+Guide

GCM notifies Android devices that new content is available, which makes it start processing it in a matter of seconds instead of minutes and replaces the old UDP notifications. GCM  needs to be enabled in the server :!/wiki/Tivoli+Endpoint+Manager/page/Android+Device+Notifier+Service

Troubleshooting GCM inconsistent results.

1. Verify if you have a valid Google Account :

    • The device has a valid Google account registered in the user accounts section.
    • The device has Google Play installed.
    •  IBM Mobile Client was installed from Google Play.
    • The device can reach

2. Verify if you have opened the right ports on your firewall :

3. If you have the latest GCM plugin installed then the IEM android agent log would show various "GatherHashMV received" messages.

4. Check Analysis 181 : "Google Cloud Messaging (GCM)". Since it has a last GCM message field and a last message received time and these values come directly from the agent you can use them to figure
out if messages are being sent and received, or if they are not being sent at all. If the value in that analysis changes but the client doesn't report then we'd be dealing with a complete different problem. You should  open Analysis 181, check the value of last GCM message time, then issue a command like a "lock screen" against a problematic device and check if/how long it takes for the value to change.

5. Despite of polling  the Android agent will report once every 3 hours, or once every 6 hours, depending on when you set up you deployment. However, this is configurable and you can change it at any time by Fixlet "ID118 :"Android Agent Setting: Enable Command Polling"  in the MDM site.

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