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TPF Users Group Presentations - Spring 2013

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Presentations by IBMers at the Spring 2013 TPF Users Group Conference held in Atlanta, GA.


Main Tent Requirements Process Update
Kara Todd

z Academic Initiative (zAI)
Don Resnik
Applications Subcommittee Business Events Futures
Michael Shershin

WODM Education
Bradd Kadlecik
Communications Subcommittee Hardware Cryptography and z/TPF
Mark Gambino

MQ Update
Mark Gambino

OpenLDAP Futures
Colette Manoni

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Hints, Tips, and Futures
Mark Gambino
Database/TPFDF Subcommittee z/TPFDF Status Update
Chris Filachek
Development Tools Subcommittee z/TPF Debugger Update
Joshua Wisniewski

TPF Toolkit Updates
Mohammed Ajmal

z/TPF Debugger & TPF Toolkit Future Plan
Josua Wisniewski & Mohammed Ajmal
Education z/TPF Debugger Education
Joshua Wisniewski
Operations Subcommittee CP Updates
Michael Shershin

Monitoring z/TPF
Gerry Strait

Performance Update
Robert Blackburn Ph.D.
System Control Program Subcommittee High Performance FICON
Chris Filachek

Hyper Parallel Access Volumes
Chris Filachek
TPF Toolkit Task Force Code Coverage Merge
Mohammed Ajmal

Code coverage merge demo

Managing TPF Toolkit
Mohammed Ajmall

Launchpad demo

Configuration updates demo

OLDR Actions
Mohammed Ajmal

OLDR demo

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All presenters listed are employees of the IBM Corporation. All presentations are Copyright IBM Corp., 2013.

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