Problem with deleting calendar entry without parent

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Can not easily delete a repeat appointment, if it's parent document is missing


Steps to reproduce:
1. Create a repeated meeting invitation and send it out.
2. Switch to the Mail view.
3. Go to Views / Mail Threads.
4. Delete the parent document of calendar entry and click Delete Forever in pop up window.
5. Switch to the Calendar view.
6. Try to delete one of meeting instances, you get error: "An error occurred trying to
initialize this repeating entry. You can continue deleting this entry, but Notes
will not be able to cleanup notices around this entry, nor apply this action to only
part of this entry."
6. Subsequently, you will get another error: "There is a problem with this calendar entry that need to be corrected.
This repair may take a few minutes. Do you want to repair the entries now?"
7. Click OK and you will get error: "A problem occurred and the repair cannot be completed.
Try again or contact your help desk if the problem persists."

As a result, the entry was removed from calendar.

If you open a meeting instance before deleting, you get the error: "Error trying to open document. Invalid or nonexistent parent document".


During init, core script can not find the parent document and show errors.

This has nothing to do with calendar repair feature or cleanup.


Domino Server 8.5.3 FP3 on Windows 2008
Notes 8.5.3 Standard Configuration on Windows 7
Mail template: Mail85.ntf

Diagnosing the problem

As a workaround:
Go to the All Documents view in the Mail frameset and delete the repeating meeting from there. Unfortunately, you do not get a choice on which instance is deleted.
You will delete all the appointments contained on that document.

Note: If you cannot find the calendar enties in the "All Documents" view, please make sure in the Calendar Preferences (under Actions > Tools > Preferences > Calendar & To Do tab > Display > Notices), "Don't display calendar documents in the All Documents mail view" option is not checked.

Resolving the problem

The reason why parent document is missing remains unclear. Since in Notes 8, user is no longer allowed to delete the parent document, instead they will get error message saying: "You must select an instance document to perform these actions."

This issue was originally reported to Quality Engineering as SPR# WCHI5B9RZX.

There is currently no plan to fix the issue in Notes 8.5.x; the possibility of a fix is being evaluated for a future release.

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