Support Office 2007 format using Python's ExportDocument method.

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Does IBM SPSS Statistics 21 support Office 2007 file formats using Python ExportDocument method?


According to the Python Scripting Guide for IBM SPSS Statistics (Chapter 4, page 41), we are able to directly export using Python's ExportDocument method. Using this method will allow the end-user to export to the following formats:
HTML, Word, Excel, Text, PDF, PowerPoint.

However, the Office file formats that can be defined are 2003 versions:
* SpssClient.DocExportFormat.SpssFormatDoc
* SpssClient.DocExportFormat.SpssFormatXls
* SpssClient.DocExportFormat.SpssFormatPpt

Is there the ability to export using Office 2007 file formats using this same method?


No, this ability is not currently present with the latest versions of IBM SPSS Statistics. An Enhancement Request has been submitted to the IBM SPSS Statistics development team to consider including this function in future releases of our product.

As a workaround, instead of using the direct Python method 'SpssClient.DocExportFormat.SpssFormat***, you can use SpssClient.RunSyntax method and then add the 'OUTPUT EXPORT' SPSS commands.

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