Error at startup of DC desktop application : "Configuration system failed to initialize"

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Error at startup of DC desktop application : "Configuration system failed to initialize".


A pop-up screen appears with the message "Configuration system failed to initialize" when starting a Data Collection desktop application.


The user.config became corrupt.

Resolving the problem

Close the Data Collection Desktop application.

Next, delete (or rename) the file user.config file from the below location depending on the desktop application. as illustrated below

Remark: When restarting the Data Collection application the file named 'user.config' will be created again.

Author Desktop
C:\Users\<useranme>\AppData\Local\IBM_Corp\Author.exe_StrongName_tcyleg43x3pbzinngzcmpm4tria432t2\<Version installed>\

Interviewer desktop
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\IBM_Corp\IPlayerConsole.exe_StrongName_rr3dtsvo0vqqvrp0hhf4u1lpwt0orzo3\<Version installed>\

Survey Reporter Desktop
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\IBM_Corp\Reporter.exe_StrongName_gto2mvubs2ytj2ug03h33xdtz5tvt4q1\<Version installed>\

Base Professional
C:\Users\<usernamer>\AppData\Local\IBM_Corp\mrStudio.exe_Url_br2ye3ekbqmgpbrdcu1uxoakvpl5km2m\<Version installed>\

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