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Duplicate cycle count requests are created for same location.

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Duplicate/multiple cycle count requests are created for same location.

Diagnosing the problem

The Sterling WMS is equipped to automatically generate a count request using the Automatic Count Generation functionality at the node level. The Automatic Count Generation is set up through Count Programs.

For more information regarding counts:
WMS_Configuration_Guide.pdf -> Section: 4.13 Defining Count -> Section: 4.13.4 Defining Count Program
WMS_Concepts_Guide.pdf -> Section: 3.8 Count

Based on the business requirement, user can either set up automatic count generation logic using count programs or create count request from console as and when required. They are both valid options.

When the count request is manually created through console (or by explicitly calling createCountRequest API), application will bypass the count program logic since it is user driven. Hence multiple count requests can be created for same location simultaneously. It is similar to creating a manual count request (although the request type is Cycle Count).

This can happen in scenarios where different processes would create count requests for same location. For e.g.

1. Generating the count request through console.
2. At the same time a count request is created after picking, based on the "Is Location empty" message.

Resolving the problem

WMSBeforeCreateCountRequestUE user exit can be implemented to stop generating duplicate count requests for same location.

In the user exit implementation, user can check if an open count request is already existing for the location/any other required criteria. RejectRequest flag can then be set to Y so that a new Count Request is NOT created for same location.

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More support for: Sterling Warehouse Management System

Software version: 9.0, 9.1

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Modified date: 10 June 2017

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