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Error: "Blocking Action Detected" noticed from RPT test log while executing a script for SAP recording

Technote (troubleshooting)


Attempts to execute a SAP test script from IBM Performance Tester (RPT) results in the error "Blocking Action Detected" seen in the RPT test log.


During the test execution the RPT report summary reflects "SAP connection error" (in red color) and after the execution is completed, open the test log and look for the particular transaction failed and you will notice the following error from the transaction properties:

Blocking Action Detected


RPT calls SAP GUI to execute a action and wait until the action is finished as a simple call. If this action spends more than the time-out defined in the test to receive the response from the SAP server, this action is aborted and a "blocking error detected" is created by RPT.

Resolving the problem

Change the time-out from the RPT test for the corresponding SAP transaction and try the execution again.

Review the SAP server request details in the RPT Information Center to find the location to edit the time-out value.

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Software version: 8.2, 8.3,,,, 8.5,,, 8.5.1,,,

Operating system(s): Windows

Reference #: 1634445

Modified date: 22 May 2014

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