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Using the CICS TG V5.1 resource adapters in Rational Application Developer V8.5

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Can I use the CICS TG V5.1 resource adapters in Rational Application Developer V8.5 to generate J2C beans and execute in WebSphere Application Server V8.5?


CICS TG V5.1 resource adapters are out of service already.


WAS/JCA Compatibility

Note that the JCA specification is backlevel compatible, so a JCA 1.0 application will be compatible with JCA 1.5 or JCA 1.6.

Also, notice the following statement at the top of this page from Websphere Application server infocenter.

WAS /JCA Compatibility

"The Version 8.5 column in the table lists the latest specification level that the product supports.

However, support for specifications is compatible with earlier versions of the product;

the Version 8.5 product supports all specifications that are listed for Version 6.0 through Version 8.5.

For example, for any application type, the Version 8.0 product supports Java EE 5 and 6 and J2EE 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4.

The word "New" beside a specification indicates that the product first supported the specification in that product version."

Code generation in using J2C Tooling

You can still generate J2C Beans using CICS TG V5.1 resource adapters which is JCA 1.0

You should be able to run the JCA 1.0 application in WebSphere Application Server V8.5.

However, we recommend migrating to newer versions of the Resource Adapters which are

shipped in the product. Refer to the CICS TG life cycle link in the Related information section.

If you run into any run-time error in communicating to CICS with any out of service resource adapters,

the CICS TG support team cannot provide support via PMR unless your Gateway demon is at a supported level.

An example of an ECI error is:

javax.resource.spi.ResourceAdapterInternalException: CTG9631E: Error
occurred during interaction with CICS. Error Code=ECI_ERR_SYSTEM_ERROR,

The life cycle of the CICS resource adapters match the match the CICS TG product .

Please refer to the product end of cycle for CICS in the Related URL section.

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